YouTube Goddesses and Hada Labo

I have discovered sooo many great and affordable products from Dr. Dray on YouTube.

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Thank you Dr. Dray!

I know I’m too old to get excited about pink metallic packaging. I don’t care.

P.S. Am I the only one who gets butterflies looking through SokoGlam or beauty shops in Japan town??

Directions: run hot bath, toss in some bath oil or salts, apply mask. Relax.

I should note I have hypersensitive skin and these have caused no bad reactions – just hydrated, calm skin. I do lightly rinse off the essence most of the time though when I’m done – just because I don’t like the sticky feeling. It’s not noticeable when you have the mask on though.

If you like – in the same vein – try the Missha Time Revolution Moist Treatment Essence. Supposedly a dupe for SKII. I like, but it’s not indispensable. Hylamide is also nice.